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The Blue Circle: An Alternative to the Busy Golden Circle, day trips from Reykjavik.

The Golden Circle is often discussed as the best way to see the most of Iceland in the shortest period, but it’s always busy. Meanwhile, the ring road requires an expensive, extended trip, while The Diamond Circle is far from Reykjavik. However, The Blue Circle hosts experiences like horseback riding near Reykjavik and exploring unique geothermal features.

From the Blue Lagoon to spectacular coastal views, this day trip from Reykjavik is a good option to start or end a spectacular vacation in Iceland. However, for those based in Reykjavik, it’s also an opportunity to explore the southern countryside.

Soak in the Blue Lagoon

Many people take a brief detour to the Blue Lagoon on their way to or from the airport, but these trips are often rushed. Visiting the Blue Lagoon is a relaxing way to start a day trip around The Blue Circle for those based in Reykjavik,

The Blue Lagoon is among Iceland’s most famous attractions. Formed in the 1980s and established in the early 1990s, over a million people visit this wonderful attraction each year. The facilities are constantly improving, and the Blue Lagoon is open year-round.

The Blue Lagoon is a large geothermal pool where the waters have a high mineral content. A visit is good for everything from relaxing to easing sore muscles to helping with skin conditions. Plus, visitors enjoy the unique environment in Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark.

Visitors may want to make a reservation well in advance as tickets do sell out for popular times. Pricing also varies based on demand, so visiting during peak season or peak hours will affect how much your admission is.

Sightsee in Grindavik

Grindavik is a small fishing village located just south of the Blue Lagoon. There are many unique features in to visit within the town, and it provides an authentic taste of Iceland. The town centers around a natural harbor, one of the few along the coast.

From visiting the Gunnuhver hot springs to Hópsnes Lighthouse, touring Grindavik allows for a breath of fresh air and peace away from the bustle of Reykjavik. The village boasts several sets of historical ruins, natural features, and The Icelandic Saltfish Museum.

Explore the Geothermal Area at Krýsuvík

Krýsuvík is a geothermal area inside Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark. The area features ramps and walkways to safely observe the geothermal features in a way few places on Earth are. As a result, stopping in is often educational as well as unique.

Krýsuvík features hot springs in various colors, mud pits, the world’s largest blowing

steam vent, and more. It’s a beautiful, alien-looking location to visit with panoramic views all the way to the ocean in addition to the beautiful geothermal pools and lakes.

The Krýsuvík area is under scientific monitoring. Observing the area allows scientists to better understand the volcanic activity, volcanic life cycles, and more.

Take a Ride in Þorlákshöfn

Alhestar is located near Þorlákshöfn, a newer village in Southern Iceland near Ölfus. This stable offers numerous horseback riding tours each day to sites near the village for all skill levels and takes visitors out into the rugged landscapes of Iceland.

This option for horseback riding on the Blue Circle is perfect for all needs. Beginner and family-friendly tours last only a couple of hours for those not experienced on horses.

Alhestar also offers more extended tours taking half a day.

This option for horseback riding near Reykjavik is a good choice for meeting the famed Icelandic horses. While they may be small in stature, these spirited animals are truly a part of the land of Iceland.

Taking a ride on an Icelandic horse is a great way to build a connection with the culture of Iceland. Horseback riding was the only method of transport in Iceland for centuries, so it’s also the only way for visitors to experience the landscape the same way the original settlers did.

Enjoy Seafood at Fjöruborðið

Fjöruborðið is located in Stokkseyri, a wonderful village along Iceland’s southern coast. After a long day of exploring and horseback riding in Iceland along the Blue Circle, this is the chosen destination for many visitors due to the quality of the food.

Fjöruborðið is famous for its langoustine soup, which is served with almost every meal. This delicacy is renowned throughout Iceland. With a flavourful base, this soup is even reputed to have magical powers that people risk storms for.

Visiting Fjöruborðið is often restoring to the body after a long day of exploring the Blue Circle, which is why it usually comes after taking a horseback riding tour in Iceland. Stop in to let the locals regale you with stories over a warm bowl of magic soup.

Visit Historic Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland in addition to the capital, and where many visitors base themselves. Consequently, it offers many unique sites. From cultural food tours to historical museums, Reykjavik has it all. It’s where The Blue Circle starts and ends.

The city is beautiful on its own. From the concert hall to Hallgrimskirkja to the coast with the Grotta lighthouse, simply exploring Reykjavik could easily take a few days. Visiting some of these sites on the way back to the hotel for the night only enhances The Blue Circle experience.

The Blue Circle is easily a single-day trip but can be extended to two to enjoy the beauty of southern Iceland. From geothermal sites to horseback riding near Reykjavik, the Blue Circle offers a unique experience to add to any visitor’s trip.

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